Alex Kebbell

For further information on the TNT ExpressConnect plugin for WooCommerce click here.


1. Upload the plugin folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
3. That’s it – you can now configure the plugin.

Registration with TNT ExpressConnect.

Each TNT customer is set up with a username and password, required for all communications with the system.
The same username and password is used for ExpressConnect Shipping Pricing and Tracking.
Please contact your local TNT representative to complete a registration request.


1. Once the plugin has been activated, assign the TNT ExpressConnect shipping method to a shipping zone under WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping. For information on shipping zones click here.

2. You can now configure the method.

  • TNT Account Number – Account / customer code. Must be a valid TNT ExpressConnect enabled account number.
  • TNT Username – Please use the provided username. Must be a valid TNT username.
  • TNT Password – Please use the provided password. Must be a valid TNT password.
  • Origin City / Suburb – This should be set to the city / suburb from which you will ship.
  • Origin Postcode – This should be set to the postcode from which you will ship.
  • Services – Select the TNT Services / Products that you wish to obtain quotes for. Hold down the control (ctrl) or command button to select multiple options. All options are selected by default.
  • Handling Charge Type – If you wish to add a handing charge to the returned shipping quote, select either ‘Flat Rate’ or ‘Percentage’. Percentage will allow you to set a percentage of the returned shipping quote.
  • Handing Charge – Enter the Handling Charge value.
  • Insurance Value (Percentage) – Enter the insurance value percentage. The default is 100%.
  • Debug – Enable to obtain debugging information useful when support is required.

3. Ensure your products are in the correct format. Make sure you have entered correct Weight (in KG) and Dimensions (in CM) – please note that TNT require round numbers for both.

4. Ensure that in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping you have checked the box next to “Hide shipping cost until an address is entered”. The carrier requires an address, so cannot return a rate without one.

Common Errors

  • TNT ExpressConnect Error: Destination address town not unique – Please ensure the destination address is valid. If the issue persists, please contact TNT for support.


Need help? If you’re still stuck you can contact support via email. Please note – phone support is not included.